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Poker Pot Odds Calculator – Pokerbility For Free

Calculating pot odds is hard to the beginner. If you are an experience player you know the odds by heart. This and the fact that the experienced poker player notices betting patterns make the newbie an easy target for the shark.

There is a solution to the newbies situation. It is called poker calculators. A poker calculator is a third party software that follows the game in real time and delivers all the necessary information to its user. There are advanced poker calculators that actually is more than just a calculator, they are full blown assistants, almost like having a poker pro giving advices to you.

There are a couple of fact that you should take into consideration before downloading a poker calculator. It is vital that you don’t chose a calculator that is intended for advanced players (unless you are an advanced player of course). When you are new to something it is easy to overrate ones abilities and going for an advanced calculator. This fact will cost you money as the information delivered is above your skill you don’t know how to use it.

A simple (easy to use) poker calculator should be in the interest of the newbie. You should use a program that don’t give you heaps of information but instead go for the most vital information.

Most of the newbie calculators also features advices, i.e. giving you directions on how to play a certain hand. The calculator takes position and odds into the calculation and you could just concentrate on your game.

Estimations made by the poker rooms shows that approximately 40 per cent of all players use some sort of third party software. It should be more since good software gives an indisputable advantage.

The really advanced calculators are being banned by some of the major poker rooms like Party Poker and Poker Stars but they still encourage the use of calculators just as long as it doesn’t give a too big advantage.

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